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M&A Advisory Services

Premiumbravo offers a sophisticated and professionalized assistance in M&A processes (buy or sell side), joint ventures and identifying strategic or financial partners, national or international investor, to capitalize the company, optimizing the capital structure or providing technological support.

We offer our customers an unique combination of personal attention and professional expertise that results in successful transactions. Our members have over 10-30 years of experience in M&A advisory, having worked on purchase/sale transactions of large and medium-sized businesses. This experience allows us to apply knowledge and experience of our multidisciplinary team to maximize the chances of achieving the desired best results.

Leonardo Voss,  Corporate Finance Partner

Leonardo Voss, Corporate Finance Partner

Restructuring & Reorganization

Premiumbravo offers Reorganization & Restructuring services, with a financial and/or operational approach.

Our services include:

  • Financial or debt focus Restructuring;
  • Preparation of the Brazilian Chapter 11 (equivalent processes) and monitoring the process;
  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Recovery Administration;
  • Operational restructuring, focusing on the recovery of sales/purchases, margins and profitability of the business;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Operational and Strategic Reorganization; and
  • Strategic Planning.
Marcelo Lorenzo-Fernandez,  Corporate Finance Partner

Marcelo Lorenzo-Fernandez, Corporate Finance Partner

Other Services

The services of the Corporate Finance area of Premiumbravo are also oriented to serve mainly middle market companies in:

  • Financial feasibility Studies;
  • Valuation of companies;
  • Fundraising for CAPEX.


Our goal is to create value through a multidisciplinary approach, combining technical excellence in M&A and Restructuring negotiations, with our relevant experience: (i) in conducting due diligence (tax, accounting and labor); (ii) as well as in integration process, governance and process mapping.

Our Differentials


Premiumbravo’s consultants understand and address tax, labor and financial issues that generally arise during the negotiation process of an M&A or Restructuring processes.  The variety multi-professional services applied in these processes allow us to anticipate potential concerns and to negotiate them appropriately.

Professionalism and Confidentiality

Premiumbravo Corporate Finance conducts and manages an M&A process with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality, carefully attracting selected buyers and sellers so as to maximize the value and the synergies.

Market Experience

Our Firm is highly qualified from a technical standpoint to conduct negotiation processes involving large companies or major financial groups (private equity).

We can draw up financial projections and assist in developing materials and studies to highlight the opportunities for growth that support a premium price.

We offer our advisory services to optimize the principal terms and use the correct mechanisms to adjust prices and deadlines to structure a successful transaction.

Paulo Penha,  Equity Valuation

Paulo Penha, Equity Valuation

An independent opinion

Premiumbravo provides its clients with a critical view from a third-party perspective in order to complement the team of companies, lawyers and accountants, not just from the valuation standpoint, but also to establish sale or acquisition targets or objectives.

Database and access to markets

Through Premiumbravo, clients have access to buyers on both the domestic and international markets.  They can also access our database and search services that orient various sale or acquisition programs.

In the restructuring process, we access a wide range of local and international sources of funding, including subsidized sources, Factoring funds, distress investors and other mechanisms not widely used. Thus, we offer our customers different options to fund allocations in accordance with the objectives and urgency of our client.