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Tax Planning and Credit Surveys

After identifying the activities and needs of our clients, Premiumbravo can advise them in reducing the tax impact arising from their business decisions.  Our approach involves:

  • Planning the manner for carrying out the decisions and procedures so that they are treated correctly from a tax standpoint;
  • Identifying the best tax opportunities for the client;
  • Engaging in strategic planning and analyzing the organizational structure; and
  • Identifying tax credits not taken advantage of by the company and taking the steps required for using them, resulting in immediate tax savings for companies.
Alessandra Quirino,  Tax Consulting Partner

Alessandra Quirino, Tax Consulting Partner

Tax Compliance

Our tax compliance services consist of a series of tax reviews performed by us, among which we highlight

Preparation and review of filling out the DIPJ – the annual corporate income tax return, among other accessory obligations instituted by the Federal Revenue Bureau – RFB (DACON, DCTF, PER/DCOMP, SISCOSERV, SPED FISCAL) and by State and Municipal Treasury Secretariats;

  • Cross-checking of the information contained on the various returns filed with the RFB, in order to avoid potential tax questioning;
  • Review of the bases for monthly calculation of the IRPJ, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and IPI taxes, as well as Social Security contributions (INSS), etc., in a determined period, in order to ascertain whether the procedures adopted by companies are in conformity with applicable legislation; and
  • Responses to inquiries submitted by our clients relating to tax, fiscal, corporate and Social Security issues.
Jorge Araújo,  Direct Taxes Partner

Jorge Araújo, Direct Taxes Partner

Transfer Pricing

Premiumbravo has experienced consultants who can advise your company in:

  • Selection of the transfer pricing method that is most appropriate for your business profile and intercompany operations.
  • Planning of operations through a study of pricing policy and implementation in order to best manage the tax burden, both at the local and global levels.
  • Providing of advice in filling out the transfer pricing schedules of the corporate tax return (DIPJ).
  • Internal and external seminars.
José Carlos Almeida,  Indirect Taxes Partner

José Carlos Almeida, Indirect Taxes Partner

Ongoing Tax Advisory

Our Ongoing Tax Advisory service is aimed at maintaining a direct link with clients wishing to obtain continuous support in regards to their tax affairs, by means of reviews and inquiries in the tax, labor and Social Security areas.

Advisory in administrative case defense

We are qualified to advise our clients in defenses resulting from assessment notices, in drawing up challenges at all spheres (federal, state and municipal), and formalization of inquiry processes, etc.

Labor and Social Security Advisory

This service consists of supporting companies in relation to tax aspects involving labor and social security issues, according to the respective legislation in such areas, based on adoption of the following procedures:

  • Review of procedures related to service-provider firms (outsourcing) and adequacy of the provision for labor cases;
  • Ongoing consulting services in the labor and social security areas;
  • Surveys of labor and social security contingencies in M&A due diligence engagements;
  • Replies to specific inquiries involving labor relations;
  • Consulting services aimed at reducing labor liabilities.
  • Collective bargaining agreements with unions;
  • Administrative defenses in the social security area;
  • Responses to inquiries from tax, labor and social security inspectors;
  • Surveys of social security credits.
Jussara Duarte,  Labor and Social Security Advisory Partner

Jussara Duarte, Labor and Social Security Advisory Partner

Tax Advisory for Individuals

Premiumbravo is prepared to fill out or review the filling out of Individual Income Tax Returns (DIRF), calculate taxes for payment in installments under the local “carnê-leão” system, and take the steps required to file the return upon a foreign individual’s definitive departure from Brazil, as well as to advise foreign executives regarding the tax aspects arising from their residence here.