This service is aimed at expressing an independent opinion on Brazilian or international financial statements (US GAAP and IFRS) for use by shareholders, regulatory agencies and general users, so as to credit quality, transparency and credibility to such financial statements.  In addition, we have a group specialized in providing assistance for implementing and preparing finical statements (IFRS and US GAAP), as well as providing consulting services in Brazilian accounting issues.

Governance, Risk
and Compliance

Increased global competition, the search for operational efficiency and the stiffening regulatory environment, allied with the constant changes in technology, have led us to an environment where risk appraisal and management play leading roles these days.  Our services include operational/technological risk appraisals, evaluation of business processes, operational modeling and internal audit.

The tax reality of Brazil is highly complex and its dynamism makes it increasingly difficult to comply with all the norms in force, thus requiring taxpayers to make tremendous administrative efforts in managing their tax situation.  It can be even stated that no single professional can be on an isolated basis in tune with this entire vast field of work.  Accordingly, adequately dealing with taxes has been an increasingly huge challenge for companies, since taxes affected virtually all their transactions.

This service segment is oriented to serving middle market companies in (i) leading M&A processes (buy or sell side), joint ventures and identifying strategic or financial partners, national or international investor, to capitalize the company, optimizing the capital structure or providing technological support; and (ii) Reorganization & Restructuring, with financial and/or operational focus and with both approaches: Brazilian Chapter 11 equivalent processes (Bankruptcy and Recovery Law - LRF) or extrajudicial negotiations. Our services also include: (iii) economic/financial feasibility studies; (iv) valuation of companies.


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